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The final energy consumption of households is approximately 32 % of the total energy consumption in Poland and approximately 25 % of the total energy consumption in Germany. Since power generation is responsible for most pollutant emissions, energy efficient buildings make a very important contribution to saving the environment and fulfilling the European climate targets (emission reductions of 20 % and energy efficiency increase of 20 %). Along with the planning of new buildings, the optimization of existing buildings is a crucial factor in achieving these targets.

To analyse the potential for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, many samples of buildings must be examined. In order to obtain a representative statement, a standardized tool has been developed within the framework of the German-Polish Energy Efficiency project (GPEE) - the energy efficiency map tool. The tool is based on the open source energy monitoring software JEVis. The strategy is to collect the required information from house owners who use the tool to document their energy consumption.

The procedure for using the tool is as follows:

  • The owner of a single-family house, for example, will monitor the energy data with regular updates in the energy efficiency map tool. The data input into the tool will be manual meter readings of the main heating and electricity meters.
  • The user will get a detailed overview of their energy consumption.
  • The benefit for the GPEE project is a representative amount of energy data that can be evaluated to identify the potential for efficiency improvement in Polish and German houses.
  • Additional data about the building conditions will be collected as this may provide crucial information on the building materials used.
  • Later, the materials used will indicate the expected effect of energy efficiency methods applied in the building.

To motivate interested tool users to continuously provide manual meter readings, the GPEE project offers a smart web application which can also be used via smartphone. To allow an easy meter reading of the main electricity and heating meter, a tough GPEE metering-sticker (see User Guide) is provided on registration.

Each registered participant has the opportunity to continuously observe their own energy data. Periodical reports about the energy consumption, visualized with charts, will be generated by the tool automatically and sent via e-mail.

The Energy Efficiency Map Tool requires Java 8 (or higher). You can check your current Java setup here.

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