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Experimental Façade
The main part of the GPEE project is the creation of experimental facades, installed and metered at a selected site in Poland. Two of them will be placed on building A6 at the Technical University of Lodz. On the fourth floor of the chosen building two measuring rooms with experimental facades will be created (isolated thermally from the rest part of the building) and two referential rooms will be prepared for identical utilization purposes (with the existing facade). The rooms will be oriented on the east and on the west. On picture 1 with green rectangle the location of the discussed rooms and facades is marked.

Experimental Façade

Experimental FaçadeFigure 1. East and west elevation of the building on campus A of TUL. Green rectangle shows localization of experimental façade.

In that building, on the all five floors, there are classes and laboratories of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering. According to EN 15251 the building can be assign to category III in terms of thermal comfort requirements. It can be averaged that classes and offices are occupied for 48h per week by 40 employees and changing number of students. The building was built with the frame construction of the façade, ventilated flat roof and basement (slab on ground). The construction was finished in 1972 and modernized after 30 years, in 2002.

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