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Thermal insulation
Energy performance of the building external envelope depends predominately on the construction and boundary conditions. To develop guidelines for the selection of physical properties of external walls that will meet the requirements of the zero-emission buildings, different cases of external and internal conditions should be taken into consideration. Due to isothermal energy storage potential, the modification of building materials by phase change material (PCM) can contribute to stabilization of temperature which can be beneficial in different ways:

1. Stabilization of temperature of internal surface of the wall will result in stabilization of internal environment conditions. Layer with phase change material should be placed on the internal surface of the wall and melting temperature of the material should be close to internal air temperature.

2. Stabilization of temperature of the building material inside the component can help to avoid the risk of condensation of water vapour.

3. Application of PCM as external layer of the wall will attenuate the impact of the external environment on internal conditions. Melting temperature of the material is expected to be close to average external temperature during considered period of time.

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