GPEE Newsletter No. 4/2015GPEE Newsletter No. 4/2015
Welcome to the final newsletter of the “German-Polish Energy Efficiency Project” (GPEE)!

The three-year project is ending in March 2016 – therefore, this final newsletter should be regarded more as a final brochure as it will highlight the project’s most important results and achievements.

On the next pages you will find compiled information on the current situation in the building sector in Germany and Poland, described in the recently conducted study “Identification of Current and Future Technological Requirements in Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Poland and Germany”. Furthermore, you will find detailed background information about the façades which were installed during the project and the corresponding research activities:
Which PV panels and modules were used? What is the most suitable position for the PCM layer? How do you ensure ventilation of the façades? The completed experimental room as well as the integrated measurement scheme will be demonstrated and explained. Additional photos present the developed experimental façades in Lodz and Warsaw.

Please note that in Spring 2016 a special issue of the Journal “Management of Environmental Quality” dedicated to innovative approaches to energy efficiency will be published including relevant research which was undertaken in the GPEE project.

Last but not least, the project partners would like to invite you to participate in the project’s final conference which will be organized in Hamburg on 9th March 2016 as part of the “Sustainable Built Environment 2016”. Please save the date!

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GPEE Newsletter No. 3/2015GPEE Newsletter No. 3/2015
In the middle of its implementation phase, the "German and Polish Energy Efficiency Project" welcomes you to the third GPEE newsletter. We are pleased to inform you about our current research activities, events which were organized or which are planned within the framework of GPEE and about some initial project results.

On the next pages, the standardized handbook "Guidance on Energy Efficiency Evaluation in Commercial Buildings" which is in preparation will be introduced and current research activities on the energy performance of dynamic insulation in experimental façade systems as well as the utilization of BIPV in order to cover the energy demands of an experimental office room will be described. Research results on environmental, energy and economy aspects – so called Life Cycle Assessment - in zero- emission façade system design will be highlighted. Information will also be given about the 2nd GPEE Specialist Seminar "Energy efficiency, façade technology and the environmental footprint" which took place in Hamburg on the 23rd of February 2015 and which attracted an international audience.

Two major events will be organised in cooperation with GPEE during 2015: The colloquium "Research on sustainability at German higher education institutions" on the 11th of June and the "4th European Fair on Education for Sustainable Development - Implementing Sustainable Development in European Cities and Regions" from the 9th to the11th of September. Both events will take place in Hamburg. You will find more information about these events on the next pages. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Deckblatt NL No2 ENGPEE Newsletter No. 2/2014
After one year of project implementation we would like to welcome you to the second newsletter of the "German and Polish Energy Efficiency Project"! We are pleased to inform you about our current research activities, about events which were organized or which are planned in the framework of GPEE and about the first publication undertaken as part of the project.

On the next pages, current research activities carried out within GPEE concerning technical solutions of optimized facade systems will be described further and the recently developed "Energy Efficiency Mapping Tool" will be introduced. You will also be given additional information about the GPEE Specialist Seminar 'New Trends in Energy Efficient Facade Technology' which took place in Hamburg on 12 February 2014.

The 18th of June 2014 should already be highlighted in your calendars: GPEE is organizing a seminar dedicated to 'Planning for Energy Efficient Cities' as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week EUSEW 2014! We look forward to seeing you there!

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GPEE Newsletter No. 1/2013GPEE Newsletter No. 1/2013
Welcome to GPEE's first newsletter! In this issue, we would like to introduce you to our German-Polish project "German and Polish Energy Efficiency Project (GPEE)". The project will foster the promotion of sustainable approaches towards energy efficiency in buildings as tools towards climate protection in German and Polish cities by developing facade technology for zero emission buildings.

In this first newsletter, the project itself, its background and aims and some of its first activities will be explained. "By developing a facade technology for zero-emission buildings the project – which is built on a strong partnership – will contribute to the implementation of national and EU regulations to energy reduction especially in the building sector" says Prof. Dr. Walter Leal, Project Coordinator of GPEE.

The project has started in March 2013 and will be implemented in three years. During this time we will give you regular up-dates on the project's progress and findings.

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