Review: Inspiring presentations at lecture event “Planning for energy efficient cities” – Smart city planning at its best

Almost 40 participants attended the lecture event „Planning for energy efficient cities" on 18 june 2014 at Wälderhaus Hamburg.

After a warm welcome of the head of the Research and Transfer Centre "Applications of Life Sciences" Prof. Walter Leal, Florian Strohmayer from the Technical University of Vienna presented the first results and insights from the FP7-project PLEEC "Planning for energy efficient cities" which is aiming to develop a model for energy efficient and sustainable city planning (

A further relevant project in the context of energy efficiency is the "German-Polish energy efficiency project GPEE" which deals with the development of innovative façade technologies for zero-emission buildings. The current results of the project were presented by Nils Heinrich from the Envidatec GmbH, one of the project partners of GPEE (


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Last but not least, Dr. Margarete Remmert-Rieper introduced into the FP7-project TRANSFORM which is focusing on smart-city-processes and methods for the development of smart energy plans, with the City of Hamburg being one of the project partners (

After inspiring and interesting presentations of the representatives of these research projects, a final get-together with food and drinks welcomed the audience to get into personal discussion with the speakers and to furtherly exchange knowledge and ideas.

All the presentations of the event can be downloaded here:

Einladung: Planung energieeffizienter Städte

Planung energieeffizienter Städte. Beispiele aus internationalen Forschungsprojekten. 18. Juni 2014, 18 - 21 Uhr, Wälderhaus Hamburg, Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg

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Beispiele aus internationalen Forschungsprojekten / Best Practices from International Research Projects (Prof. Leal)

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PLEEC – Planning for Energy Efficient Cities

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GPEE – German-Polish Energy Efficiency Project

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TRANSFORM - Ein Smart Cities Projekt / A Smart Cities Project

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