This project, a joint initiative of German academic (HAW Hamburg) and industrial partners (Envidatec), as well as Polish academic (TU Lodz) and industrial organisation (Sto), consists of a transnational research effort via which the know-how available in climate protection and energy efficiency in buildings, may be used in developing innovative approaches towards energy efficiency and facade technology for buildings in Poland and Germany.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Hamburg University of Applied SciencesThe Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has been extensively involved in technical research and implementation of state-of-the-art projects in the field of sustainable development, renewable energy technologies, and climate change. It is active in many local, national and international networks and partnership projects in the field of renewable energies and higher education. HAW has a designated master programme in renewable energy, furthermore, a competence centre on renewable energies and energy efficiency (CC4E) has been established and is a leading institution in terms of education and raising awareness on renewable energies in Northern Germany. With 12,000 students HAW Hamburg is the second largest institution of higher education in the Hamburg region and one of the largest of its kind (University of Applied Sciences) in Germany.

Lodz University of Technology
Lodz University of TechnologyThe Lodz University of Technology is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland, with 9 faculties offering 33 fields of study with over 120 specializations. TUL has a staff of around 3,000 with 1,500 teachers, including more than 280 professors, and approximately 20,000 students. TUL belongs to the exclusive group of European higher education institutions and, as the only university in Poland, was awarded a prestigious certificate – the ECTS Label – by the European Commission for ensuring good quality of studies and international exchange.
For several years, the university has worked to intensively develop science and technology transfer to industry, supporting cooperation between the TUL's scientists and entrepreneurs in terms of undertaking new business ventures (start-up, spin-off companies).

Envidatec GmbH
Envidatec GmbHThe Envidatec GmbH has more than 10 years experience in the investigation of the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities. Special attention is given to ensure that the optimisation potential is viewed holistically and measures sustainable effects. Another topic with almost all customers is to investigate economic aspects of the use of renewable energies. The Envidatec company specializes also in energy management with innovative technical concepts and solutions to permanently reduce the energy consumption in buildings and companies. Reduction of the energy consumption by customers results in a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Due to good cooperation with the Hamburg and Vienna universities, already in the past Envidatec GmbH participated in various research projects. It also is managing an Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) in Northern Germany. The headquarters of Envidatec are located in Hamburg. There is a partner company in Vienna and a branch in Ekaterinburg.

Sto-ispo sp. z o.o.
Sto-ispo sp. z o.o.Sto Sp. z o.o. (now Sto-ispo sp. z o.o.) was established in May 1996, as a subsidiary of international concern, Sto AG, Stühlingen, Germany.
The company is leading the market in the area of external wall insulation systems. High-quality facade elements, as well as plasters, renders and paints, which are available for exterior and interior use, are also part of the core product range. Other focus areas include concrete restoration/floor coatings, acoustic systems and ventilated rainscreen cladding systems.
Sto-ispo is also a leader on the back of its belief in product innovation. The company develops functional products and systems for use in creating and shaping building components and surfaces for external and internal use.
Important aims in a company policy is protecting the natural basis for life and improving quality of life. Sto actively pursues these aims, always acting in accordance with the company's guiding principle: "Building with conscience."

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