Work Package 1:
Identification of current and future technological requirements in energy efficiency in buildings, including forecasts for future market development (market recognition)
This work package entails an in-depth study of current requirements in energy efficiency in buildings, as well as the identification of future ones. It also includes modelling, forecasts and a dataset for future market developments in energy efficiency. As part of WP1, the project will develop an energy efficiency map tool that can be used by any group or organisation wishing to map renewable efficiency approaches and projects in Germany and in Poland.

Work Package 2:
Survey of energy efficiency and reductions of CO2 emissions in a sample of buildings in Germany and in Poland
Since buildings are responsible for much of the pollutant emissions, the energy efficiency of buildings is a very important issue. To know the potential for improvement, first of all the buildings are assessed for the current energy state. This concerns essentially the building envelope (e.g. facades, windows, roof, floor plate) and the installed technical equipment (e.g. heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems and renewable energy devices). In work package 2 it has to be clarified first of all which types of buildings in Germany and Poland cause relevant amounts of pollutant emissions in order not to invest time and money into investigations of buildings that have only a small proportion. After that it will be decided how many samples of each building type must be examined in order to obtain a representative statement. Beside the planning of energy efficiency of new buildings the optimisation of existing buildings is a crucial factor in achieving European climate targets. It will also be investigated what measures are necessary in order to realize a zero-emission building (ZEB). This will include an appropriate cost and good return on investment. Today's technology offers a wide range of options which are often very expensive and are therefore not interesting for investors.

Work Package 3:
Double criterion optimisation of integrated Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and daylight utilization
This work package is dedicated to finding an optimal solution of energy efficient, ventilated facade system under German/Polish climatic conditions. The goal will be achieved based on theoretical analysis and numerical simulation using advanced techniques as well as LCA analysis of building components. The optimisation task will be formulated as a double criterion problem: energy efficiency and environmental effect. The obtained results will determine the technical solution workout in WP4.

Work Package 4:
Technology, technical solution and construction of optimized, external wall system
This work package deals with the technical solution of optimized facade system to be easily and flexibly applied to majority of popular constructions in Germany and Poland. The investigations include static analysis, hygrothermal performance (including thermal bridges) and assembly systems. The main goal is to work out a flexible, durable and safe construction of the proposed facade. Important part of these investigations will be done on the elements in real scale. At the end, some newest and advanced material technology will be considered from the energy and economy point of view, if they would be justified in WP3.

Work Package 5:
Practical application and long-life testing
This work package is dedicated to development of 4 prototypes of the facade and their installation on selected buildings in Germany and Poland. The construction will be produced by Sto company according to the final design project and energy requirements of 2 selected buildings. Two, different oriented facade will be equipped with measuring devices and a micro weather station connected with local computers. All data will be stored in the main server located at TUL. Another two facades will be construct in Warsaw. Additionally, the effect of air pollution, solar radiationon energy efficiency of the facade will be monitored and reported. Finally, the maintenance procedures and guidelines for future conservation will be formulated. Long-term investigations of prototype facade will be continued also after project conclusion.

Work Package 6:
Project Management, Information, Communication and Dissemination
This work package entails all procedures related to project management, administration and reporting. It also includes the documentation of the work performed as part of the project, the visibility measures to communicate the project to project partners and the wide audience, as well as public information and communication to promote the German-Polish Sustainability Programme.

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